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Career Exploration

The Career Center offers a variety of ways to assist students with exploring careers and choosing a major. Depending on your needs in the exploration process, here are the different ways from which to choose how to explore: (1) You might want to begin using our career-related resources with low-touch service. This is much like a do-it-yourself exploration for self-starters. It can include a counseling session to kickstart your educational journey. Or, (2) in addition to career-related resources, you might want to access more assistance from staff and faculty which includes career-related assessment(s) with interpretation. This offers more support with career-decision making rather than just exploring on your own. Or, (3) you might want full-service with a step-by-step process that includes guidance from counseling faculty, such as several counseling sessions throughout the semester or completing a career counseling class. Listed below offers career exploration resources and services starting at the top of the list with low-touch services through to high-touch services. Whichever way you prefer to do your career exploration, we are here to support you in your journey!  Be sure to check out our Calendar and Join Career Center Canvas to get access to all of our licensed products. For more assistance, please complete our Intake Form.


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Hornet Career Journey 

The Hornet Career Journey involves steps that encourages students to research careers, network with professionals, and gain related experience. This process will direct you to resources offered to students within the Career Center as well as to other campus resources and services.  Participating and becoming actively engaged in the campus community as a college student provides you with the tools and resources necessary to navigate the campus. Much research has been centered around the importance of student engagement and the impact not only while in college, but in life. To access the new Hornet Career Journey, join Career Center Canvas.


Career Exploration Resources 

The Career Center offers various resources to assist students with exploring careers and choosing a major. Resources are available for Fullerton College students joining Career Center Canvas.  


Self-Assessments for Career Exploration  

As part of the career exploration, self-assessment is a step towards learning more about yourself and making informed career-related decisions when selecting educational and career pathways. To access the these assessments, join Career Center Canvas.   


SuperStrong Journey 

In just three simple steps, the SuperStrong Journey will provide you with a guide in making meaningful choices regarding your educational pathway leading to your career goal. In Step 1, you have access to the VitaNavis platform to complete the SuperStrong assessment where you will learn more about your interests and how they align to Fullerton College degrees and certificates. Then, in Step 2, you will complete the SuperStrong Activity using the SuperStrong to help you reflect on your results, explore career options, Hornet Pathways, and narrow down your college major selection. Finally in Step 3, you are encouraged to meet with a Counselor to discuss your SuperStrong results and responses from the SuperStrong Activity to help you create a purposeful Student Education Program Plan (SEPP). Click SuperStrong Journey to begin.


Career Counseling 

Career Counseling is available to Fullerton College students to assist you with college major selection and career decision making.  Students are encouraged to access the Career Counseling module within Career Center Canvas to schedule a counseling appointment via the eSARS System.


Career Exploration Experience

Learn more about your interests and/or personality, how these impact career choices, work environments, and what majors might be best aligned. In this Career Exploration Experience Canvas, modules have been created for students to progress through a series of steps with guidance of a career counselor to explore careers and majors through to completing a purposeful Student Education Program Plan. 


Career Counseling Courses 

A listing of the Career Courses offered by the Counseling and Student Development Division. Click Career Counseling Courses.


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