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Career Courses

Career Exploration (1 unit)

COUN 141 F

Eighteen hours lecture per term.  This course is designed to introduce students to a career decision-making process that includes both evaluation of self and exploration of the world of work.  Self-evaluation activities include identification of personality/temperament, interests, skills, goals, and values.  Career research activities are utilized to examine the world of work.  The focus of the course is on self-description in relation to choice of occupation and career. (CSU) (Degree credit)

Career Motivation and Self-Confidence (1 unit)

COUN 144 F

Eighteen hours lecture per term.  This course is designed to help students identify individual differences, examine personal characteristics and behavior, and evaluate self-concept.  Students will interpret information and apply knowledge about self as related to career demands and opportunities with increased motivation and self-confidence. (CSU) (Degree credit)

Career and College Success (3 units)

COUN 151 F

Fifty-four hours of lecture per term. A course designed for, but not restricted to, undecided students and persons in career transition. Includes self-exploration, career exploration and job search strategies.  Specific topics include adult development theory and the changes that occur over the life span, extensive exploration and assessment of one’s skills, values, interests and personality, analysis of career possibilities to determine individual fit, an intensive career investigation, decision making, goal setting and motivation, and job search and interview techniques. (CSU) (Degree credit) (CSU GE)


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