Career Center

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As part of the career planning process, self-assessment is the first step to learning about yourself and making informed career-related decisions. Below are self-assessments offered to Fullerton College students. Students have direct access to our assessments via our Career Center Canvas.


SuperStrong *

Inner Heroes (Eureka) *

Strong Interest Inventory *+


Micro-Skills (Eureka) *



What are My Values? (Eureka) *

Work Importance Profiler (CA Career Zone)



True Colors (Eureka) *

Keirsey Temperament Sorter Mini-Report

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator *+

*Assessment is free to Fullerton College students and may be accessible directly from Career Center Canvas.

+For this assessment, students must first meet with a career counselor. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.  As described by the Code of Ethics developed by the American Psychological Type (APT) Guidelines for Administering and Giving Feedback on Psychological Type Instruments, we abide by the three-phase process that involves setting the contract, administering the assessment, and providing feedback for these assessments.

During registration period, we are unable to schedule career counseling appointments and therefore cannot sell fee-based assessments individually to students. We recommend, especially during the summer, that students enroll in COUN 151: Career/Life Planning (3 Units) during the summer to take advantage of the all the resources such as the assessments that are available.