Strong Interest Inventory & Career Selection

September 27, 2022

Were you aware that your interests can help clarify which career path you'll be most satisfied with? As part of Pathways to Success, join us for the Interest journey to learn more about your interests, how it impacts career choices, work environments, and what majors might best be aligned.

Participants will:

  1. Complete the Strong Interest Inventory one week prior to this webinar
  2. Attend the Strong Interest Inventory and Career Selection Webinar
  3. Attend a counseling appointment for a Customized Career Session

To register:

  1. Enroll in the Pathways to Success Canvas
  2. Select Career Exploration using Self-Assessments Module
  3. Select the Strong Elevate link within the Interest Journey to complete the Strong Interest Inventory
  4. Register for Strong & Career Selection Webinar

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