Student Internship Program Information

Due to the COVID-19 health emergency and continued social distancing restrictions, all summer courses, with a few noted exceptions, will be taught as remote instruction which will require a computer and internet access. In some cases, students will also be required to
download the college’s secure testing software, if required by their instructor. The college will do their best to assist students if acquiring the appropriate technology is a barrier to their participation.

A student enrolled in the Fullerton College Internship Program will work at a site related to his/her major, while earning academic credit during one term. The student is ultimately responsible to find the internship, but the faculty advisor will work with the student to guide them in the process. Students can elect 2 to 4 units during the term where the first unit is lecture and each additional unit requires 60 hours in the term for an unpaid internship or 75 hours in the term for a paid internship for each unit.  Faculty supervise the academic component of the internship and evaluate the student’s internship experiences.

2 units = 60 unpaid hours/75 paid hours

3 units = 120 unpaid hours/150 paid hours

4 units = 180 unpaid units/225 paid units

Once you are enrolled in the course, please complete your Internship Placement Form on FCCareerConnect.  A guide has been developed for students with instructions on how to complete the Internship Placement Form on FCCareerConnect. If you are a student who is interested in the Internship Program, please click Internship Program Student Guide and follow the steps. These steps will lead students to FCCareerConnect, find internships, and complete the application as well as other internship forms. Students are then responsible for registering for an internship course at their scheduled registration date and time for the selected term.  Please see the internship courses offered below.

Summer 2020 Internship Courses

Course Title




CIS 295 – Computer Information Systems Internship

30707, 30708, 30709

Anna Carlin

2-4 Units

JOUR 290 – Internship in Journalism/Public Relations

30349, 30351

Jay Seidel

2-4 Units

JOUR 291 – Internship in Journalism/Public Relations II

30358, 30360

Jay Seidel

2-4 Units

PLEG 210 – Paralegal Internship

30618, 30679, 30680

Frank Perez

2-4 Units

PHOT 290 – Internship in Photography I

30354, 30355

Jay Seidel

2-4 Units

PHOT 291 – Internship in Photography II

30356, 30357

Jay Seidel

2-4 Units

PHOT 292 – Internship in Photography III


Jay Seidel

2-4 Units

If you have any questions and/or you need assistance, please contact Jennifer Merchant at