Myers Briggs Type Indicator & Career Selection

February 7, 2022

Were you aware that your personality type can help clarify which career path you'll be most satisfied with? Are you an aspiriing leader or mighty helper? A logical analyst or innovative creator? Regardless of what your type is, there a meaningful career waiting for you!  Come join us for this 3 part personality & career exploration journey to learn more about your personality type, how it impacts career choices, work environments, and what majors might best be aligned with your unique personality.

Participants will complete for following:

  1. MBTI Assessment
  2. Myers Briggs Type webinar
  3. Counseling appointment for a Customized Career Session

Please RSVP one week in advance by clicking on and joining our canvas shell here: Career Center Remote Office. Then within the Myers Briggs Type Indicator & Career Selection module, you can register using the registration link. MBTI assessment needs to be completed prior to webinar.

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