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Fullerton College Internship Program

The Business and CIS Division is offering two courses, Business Internship (BUS 295 F) and Computer Information Systems Internship (CIS 295 F), that allow registered Fullerton College students the opportunity to receive college credit while working with a local employer in a career-related position.

A student enrolled in the Fullerton College Internship Program will work at a site related to his/her major, while earning academic credit during one term. The student is ultimately responsible to find the internship, but the faculty advisor will work with the student to guide them in the process. The student will work 60 hours in the term for an unpaid internship or 75 hours in the term for a paid internship for each unit. Students can elect 2 to 4 units during the term. Faculty supervise the academic component of the internship and evaluate the student’s internship experiences.

The Career and Life Planning Center provides administrative support to the Business and CIS Division, offering FCCareerConnect as the management tool for the Fullerton College Internship Program. A guide has been developed for students with instructions on how to complete the Internship Application and Placement Form on FCCareerConnect. If you are a student who is interested in the Internship Program, please click Internship Program Student Guide and follow the steps. These steps will lead students to FCCareerConnect, find internships, and complete the application as well as other internship forms. It is recommended for interested students to attend the Internship Bootcamp for an overview of the program before the start of the selected term in which the internship will be performed. (See Calendar for dates and times.) Students are then responsible for registering for either BUS 295 F or CIS 295 F at their scheduled registration date and time for the selected term.